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Winners, June 2023

Best Exhibit (Youth) - $500

Darcie Gravitis (Dubbo) "Atmospheric"

Best Exhibit (Child) - $100

Nathan Kleu (Gulgong) "Digger"

Helen Oakley Memorial Prize - $500

Catherine Sykes (Erudgere} "The Interconnectedness of Our Dreams"

Highly Commended - $100

Tanya Stevens (Gulgong) "Medicine Wheel"

Sue Nichols (Gulgong) "Disturbed"

Michael Bourke (Mudgee) "Minotaur Leaving Stacks Downunder"

Justine Parkins (Tallawang) "Me"


Tina Matthews (Sydney) "Three Mothers Heading Anywhere but Home"

Nicola Mason, "Prop XIX, France"

Taylor Bourke, (Yr 7 Coolah) "Landscape"

Mia Erder (Sydney) "The struggle of Good vs Evil"



Jim O’Brien

A001 “Wild Woman Within”

Kay Norton Knight

A002 ”Waterfall with tents”

A003 “Landscape”

Cheryl Armstrong

A004 “Heart Strings”

Anne Stadler

A005 “Grandmother’s Cupboards”

Susan Bridgford

A006 “Lava and Ash

Merilyn Carney

A007 “Wombat unearthed”

A008 “The unearther”

A009 “Unearthing of coal”

A010 “Unearthing coal power”

A011 “Leanmary”

Wanda Driscoll

A012 “Daisies”

A013 “Dust Storm”

A014 “Just for you”

A015 “Pilbara Iron Ore”

Therese Wilkins

A016 “Humanity performers in the play”

Tina Matthews

A018 “Three Mothers Heading Anywhere
but Home”

Rose Parker

A019 “Wildflower”

Tanya Sparke

A020 “Spirit Level”

Voren O’Brien

A021 “Message Stone”

Judy Kurtz

A022 “Relic of the Bush”

Janet Marcus

A023 “Literally unearthed”

Alison Anderson

A028 “fizzwobblebombliss”

Natalie Reid

A029 “Thylacoleo carnifex”

Tanya Stevens

A030 “The Pharoah”

A031 “Medicine Wheel”

Myree Maloney

A032 “Beyond Blue”

Sue Nichols

A033 “Dust Storm over our sunburnt country”

A034 “Disturbed”

A035 “Bushfire”

A036 “A special place”

Tanya Green

A037 “Tranquility”

A038 “Light at the end of the darkness”

Chris and Pam Bellhouse

A039 “Gavin’s Quilt”

A040 “Joe’s Quilt”

Justine Parkins

A041 “Up in hope”

A042 “Autumn Love”

A043 ”Passions”

A044 “Me”

A045 “Many Colours”

Jennifer Rieche

A046 “David – My brother”

A047 “A gentle soul”

A048 “Marion Scrymgour…”

A049 “The eyes are the windows of the soul”

A050 “Jayda – sweet innocence”

Toni Morrison

A051 “Five”

A052 “Colours of Australia”

Regis Lansac

A053 “Woolloomooloo”

Tamara Lawry

A054 “Untitled”

Phyllis Setchell

A055 “Discovering Avisford Reserve”

A056 “Locked in But Not Closed in”

Isobel Bakker

A057 “Marlene“

Melissa Collins

A058 “Oranges”

A059 “Cherries and blossoms”

A060 “Lemons”

A061 “Turnip”

Janet Marcus

A062 “H2O from below”

Kirrily Duff

A063 “Earth adorned earthling”

Sue Snape

A064 “From the garden”

A065 “Emerging mushrooms”

Jenny Maloney

A066 “Starting a new life”

Meryl Tankard

A067 “Beta vulgaris”

Christine O’Leary

A068 “Sticky Beak”

A069 “Nesting time”

A070 “Proud as”

A071 “Stepping out”

A072 “Bonnie Lass”

A073 “Rambo”

Reanne O’Rourke 

A074 “The Wave of Life”

Fleur MacDonald

A075 “Debutant”

Toni Morrison

A076 “Where nature and artist meet”

Catherine Sykes

A077 “The interconnectedness of our dreams”

Charlotte Burquart

A078 “Untamed Heart”

Damien Showyin

A079 “Windows and Trees, 2023”

Jenny McNaughton

A080 “The cogs of time”

Nicola Mason

A081 “Prop XIX, France”

A082 “Prop XVII, France”

A083 “Prop VII, France”

Christina Tomlinson

A084 “Nostalgia”

A085 “Gold”

Georgia Murphy

A086 “Growing Strong”

Lise Edwards

A087 “Heart of Stone”

Cate Spies

A088 “A Bright Moment”

Michael Bourke

A090 “Little Aussie Battler”

A091 ”Man with head full of budgies…”

A092 “Minotaur Leaving Stacks Downunder”

A093 “Lawn Prawn Invasion at Mudgee
           Bowling Green””

A094 “Pigeon unearthing hope for the world”

Courtney Mace

A095 “The Magician”  

A096 “Earthed”

A097 “un-water-ed”

Jennifer Friedland

A098 “Bubba Jay”

Karen James

A101 “Pumpkins”

Helen Doble

A102 "Cosy Memories"

Jason Dean Ratcliffe

A109 “Summer bugs”

A110 “The conceptual perception”

A111 “Lost"

Sue Bridgford

A112 "Friendship"

Garry Barrett

A113 "Old Man Emu"

A114 "The Echidna"

A115 "The Bearded Dragon"

A116 "Happy Feet"

Exhibitors, June 2023

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