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Guest judge, Wendy Sharp, and the Best Exhibit (adult) titled "Laid Bare" by Felicity Cavanough

Laid bare

Recycled copper wire

It is a magical light produced by the setting sun, one that danced lightly on every part of my body, whispering and celebrating everything about me that shines. It unearthed my beauty in ways I'd never acknowledged before and I looked on as though observing as a third person.

As I become older, I’ve become aware that I care less & less how my body looks, instead focussing on what it can still do.

Best Exhibit (youth) Darcie Gravitis


Ceramic sculpture

The pressure, the tension we are under with the current crisis – the climate crisis – the issue is being buried. I see the sky as a constant reminder… others simply see blue.

Best Exhibit (child) Nathan Kleu, 4 years old


Helen Oakley Memorial Prize - Catherine Sykes

The interconnectedness of our dreams

Wheel-thrown stoneware, glazed and glued with gold and silver dust

Lockdowns made us yearn for connections. I fancied that when we dreamt of another, they too were dreaming of us and so despite separation we were tethered. This was also true of dreaming of the dead, engaging with and enlivening them in our dreams, precious time again together.

Richard Cross Memorial Prize - Frank Denis

I see you now

Timber and steel

With the support of my ancestors I unearthed my creative expression.
I learnt to reject others’ prejudice and refused to be held back by the limitations of others.


Inspired by a charcoal drawing, eight layers of cut steel mesh encased in a timber frame, combine to produce an image of a face.

Highly commended - Michael Bourke

Minotaur leaving Stacks Downunder

Acrylic on canvas

On Tuesdays, a minotaur rises from the depths of Stacks Downunder variety store and labyrinth in order to enjoy a counter lunch at the Post Office Hotel.

Highly commended - Justine Parkins


Soft pastels

Unearthed, the authentic self, the unconditional part, the most beautiful, powerful form… me!

Highly commended - Sue Nichols



An image symbolic of the emotions we may keep hidden beneath the surface until brought to light during trying times.

Recent torrential rains disturbed the earth to reveal what remains of a child’s memory, which was long forgotten and buried beneath the surface.

What emotions does this image conjure in your mind?

Highly commended and People's Choice award - Tanya Stevens

Medicine Wheel

Acrylic on canvas

This painting is about unearthing ancient Aboriginal art, and Gundungurra Heritage from the Blue Mountains which is Ancient, and very rare from the Megalong Valley. I have depicted mountains, a waterhole and campsite.

Commended - Mia Erder (child section)

The struggle of Good vs Evil


My artwork represents the earth, sky, good and evil that is in our world.

Commended - Taylor Bourke, Yr 7 Coolah


Commended - Nicola Mason

Prop XIX, France

Oil on canvas

This painting is part of a series of twenty little works painted as painting props. These painting props were then placed around my studio on the walls, chairs, shelves and even the floor before being painted again and again as paintings in new painting scenes. These little painting props are of scenes and visions of my time living in France. I enjoyed playing with the yellow underpainting ground in these works. I like the sense of light it brings to them. I hope that these little works may invite the viewer somewhere else within their own thoughts.

Commended - Tina Matthews

Three Mothers Heading Anywhere but Home

Glassine, shellac, paint, ink, tissue, nylon, lead, steel

During the long covid years I unearthed all kinds of forgotten and unused materials – glassine, shellac, paint, ink, tissue and steel – which I made into a series of mobiles. The idea for the glassine cones emerged from my unconscious mind in a dream. I was teaching a night class, making small black cones from paper, then setting fire to them. The title of this mobile comes from my memory of being a young mother out without my babies and walking free.

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